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Drop-in Pan Chillers
Drop-in Pan Chillers

Designed with versatility in mind, Kairak’s Drop-in Pan Chillers are the essential element for chef prep counters, buffet stations, serving lines or specialty carts (i.e. salsa bars or condiment stations). These practical components are easily retrofitted into existing counters or designed for new refrigerated or non-refrigerated counters. 

Environmentally friendly Glycol coolant constantly flows through each hollow divider bar to ensure direct contact with condiment pans, keeping temperatures consistent and preventing food waste. These durable divider bars include a finned finish that acts as heat sink to create an insulation barrier above food pans forming a stagnant blanket of cooled air over the chilling pan unit without the need for fans or blower coils.  

Please contact Kairak for details, pricing and availability (800) 833-1106.



BLU Features and Benefits

  • BLU Pan Chiller system exceeds NSF requirements by maintaining food at or below 39° using *specified 6” deep pans.
  • No Frost – Through precise control of temperature, all types of food products can remain in BLU Pan Chiller day or night with no risk of freezing your high water content foods.
  • No Defrost – No need for chilling system to undergo a periodic shutdown for a defrost cycle, which can increase food temperatures.
  • No Fans – Requires no fans to enhance refrigeration, eliminates worry that condensation and food spillage will damage the fan and associated components
  • Proximity Cooling – Horizontal divider bar walls are as close as possible to the food pans for efficient heat transfer.
  • Maximum Versatility – Can be designed to accommodate various pan configurations/sizes depending on menu requirements.

Operational Manual: BLU Drop-in Pan Chillers

Operational Manual: Refrigerant Drop-in Pan Chillers