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BLU Kitchen
BLU Kitchen
BLU Remote Refrigeration Systems offer the following benefits when installed with BLU Remote Prep Tables, Drop-in Pan Chillers and/or Equipment Stands:

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  • Energy Savings of 45%-65% when compared to self-contained kitchens
  • Fewer components & connections which can reduce installation and labor expenses up to 40%
  • Eliminates direct expansion at each fixture; removing inefficiencies and temperature fluctuations, and providing less thermal shock to food products
  • Steady flow, consistent pressure system is less likely to experience leaks eliminating a major maintenance issue and associated costs
  • BLU remote products are run with environmentally friendly coolant (glycol) that is less damaging to the earth’s atmosphere
  • Refrigerant is limited to the rack
  • Requires 75% less refrigerant charge than traditional remote systems
If you are interested in Kairak designing a complete BLU Remote Refrigeration system to include Kairak BLU Remote Fixtures please contact our BLU Engineering Team for more information at (800) 833-1106.