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What Led to the Design of BLU?
What Led to the Design of BLU?
BLU is the result of Kairak’s desire to create innovative products that provide superior solutions for our clients. We are confident our customers will be more than satisfied with our breakthrough BLU products because we are pleased to say that our customers are exactly the ones who inspired us.

Over three years ago we set up a focus symposium with engineers from the ITW Technology Center and invited key end-users and design consultants to help us better understand their day-to-day operational experiences and needs. Thus, we became familiar with the many frustrations that were commonly experienced (inconsistent temperatures, frost build-up, hassles with defrost cycles, damage to fans and related components) and were determined to resolve these problems.

Listening to our customers allowed us to put our research and development focus on the goal of eliminating these challenges. Today, this investment now allows us to bring our customers the latest advancement in refrigeration technology with BLU.

We invite you to browse through our site to learn all about the benefits BLU has to offer.