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What is  BLU?
What is BLU?
A remarkable advancement in refrigeration, BLU's no frost, no defrost, no fans cooling system means never having to worry about fluctuating temperatures or quality of your food.

BLU addresses several inefficiencies experienced in traditional refrigeration systems offered in the marketplace today.

Coolant temperature is maintained near the freezing point of water to prevent frost or ice buildup, which can create heat-transfer inefficiencies in a cooling system. Through precise control of temperature,  all types of food products can remain in BLU Pan Chillers day or night with no risk of freezing your high water content foods.

No need for chilling system to undergo a periodic shutdown for a defrost cycle, which can increaase food temperatures. BLU Pan Chillers also eliminate the operational burden of removing food pans prior ro the defrost period. No defrost cycle means that food can be consistently cooled 100% of the time, day or night.

BLU Pan Chillers require no fans to enhance refrigeration, eliminating worry that condensation and food spillage will damage the fan and associated components. With no vents or ducts for airflow, the seamless stainless steel liner can be easily wiped or flushed clean at the end of a busy day.

No electrical components, wiring, or fans within the food well. With the entire refrigeration unit confined to one simple package and built from high-quality components, our customers will enjoy years of reliable performance.

The BLU refrigeration system introduces a low pressure, steady flow of liquid coolant through each hollow divider bar without the need for copper piping, delivering high-capacity coolant throughout the system

This coolant does not change state which allows for more consistent temperature throughout the system and decreased pressure to prevent leaks. In addition, the present system does not include any electrical components or wiring within the food well, therefore reducing the chances of contamination or damage to the components and reducing the cost of maintenance and downtime.

Large cooling surfaces in close proximity to your food ensures that every pan receives optimal cooling at uniform temperature. Our Pan Chiller system will exceed current NSF requirements by maintaining food at or below 39º using specified 6" deep pans.

Please contact Kairak for more details.