Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Service & Parts
FAQ - Service & Parts

1. What would cause the base of a Prep Table to freeze up?

  • The ETC (T-State) may be defective
  • The solenoid valves may be defective, or
  • Doors/drawers might not be closed properly and/or have (bad gaskets)

2. What would cause the Pan Chiller to freeze up?

  • Time clock not set correctly
  • Drains might be clogged
  • ETC (T-Stat) may be defective
  • Sensing probe may be defective
  • Pan needs to stay inserted in slot at all times to prevent refrigeration from escaping

3. How do you change out the probe in the Pan Chiller section?

  • Cut off old probe just past the end of the metal cap, leave about 6-8 inches on the new probe, strip end back on both cables, solder wires together-color-to-color, solder or butt splice (DO NOT USE WIRE NUTS), then heat shrik over joints. (See instructions in "Warranty Package"/"Parts & Service Package" for diagram).

4. Where is the probe located in the Pan Chiller section?

  • Probe is lovated underneath the fan motor – they must remove the fan shroud and pull the fan motor up – probe is located just below.

5. Where is the probe located on the base?

  • Behind the coil

6. How do you change out an ETC?

  • Cut old ETC wire just past the top, leaving enough room to work with and connect new ETC. (See instruction in "Warranty Package"/"Parts & Service Package" for diagram).

7. How do you change out the wire plug on a fan motor in the Pan Chiller?

  • In the back of the unit – measure down about 8 inches from the top, drill a small hole about the size of a quarter – pull out old cord (enough to work with) and cut cord – attached new cord and push back through the unit. Cover back the hole that was cut out.

8. What would cause a unit to trip the breakers?

  • The plug on the condensate evaporator heater (on the bottom of the unit) may not be plugged in all the way and when the cleaning mop is used, water gets on the plug which causes the unit to trip the breaker.
  • Check the plug in the 4" fan motor to make sure it's not sitting in water, make sure it is heat shrunk and/or they have our OEM fan motor installed on the unit – this waterproof part is made specifically for KAIRAK and cannot be installed with any other type
  • If the above checked out okay then it could be t he door heater wiring

9. If you have a combination freeze section and refrigerated section and the refrigerated section is running fine but the freezer section won't get cold, what should you look for?

  • Check to make sure the heater isn't on, if isn't running then check the TXV valve.How do you clear the drain lines?
  • Use Nitrogen or CO2 – plug off the drain on one side to clear the other and then reverse it and plug the other side and clear the drain, or
  • Use a stiff wire and work the ice or food loose, then repeat again

10. How do you access the condensing coils to clean them?

  • Remove the rear panel on the back, or
  • Remove the louver panel unbolt the condenser and then clean

What size units use the pressure switch?

  • KRP-27S thru KRP55S

Can you use a relay to replace a pressure switch?

  • NO – the units are not wired for that application – must replace with pressure switch

On a Prep Table, what does the time clock operate?

  • The time clock only works the Pan Chiller – it is used to override the T-stat and solenoid valve to force the Pan Chiller to turn off and go into a defrost cycle

On a Prep Table, what does the digital T-Stat operate?

  • The digital T-stat operates the Pan Chiller and the base (both Pan Chiller and the Base have their own T-Stat – see "Warranty Package"/"Parts & Service Package" for settings)

What should you do if the Pan Chiller will not hold temp but the base works fine? (KRP-27S – KRP-55S Cap Tube Systems)

  • Check cap tube for restriction – if restricted replace cap tube and solenoid valve (they work together)
  • After replacing the cap tube and solenoid and the unit still will not come down to temp – check your charge – should be 14 oz possibly down to 12 oz
  • If that doesn't work and the unit has a pressure control, replace the pressure control with an adjustable pressure control and have the pressure control cut in at 20 and out at 2 – you will also have to cut about 8"-10" off the cap tube to get more Freon
  • If the unit has a relay – cut about 1 Ft. off the cap tube and get extra Freon in the system